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Definition of line pipe

Line pipe is the line pipe that belongs to the American Petroleum standard pipe, line pipe is out of the ground oil, gas, water, transportation by pipeline to the oil and gas industry enterprises. Line pipe is including seamless pipe and welded steel pipe, the pipe endplain end with threaded ends, and the order of the port side; its connection to the end of the first welding coupling connections, socket connections.


Heat treatment process of high-grade steel Line pipe with the pipeline steel plate and pipe forming and welding technology advances, gradually expanding the scope of application of the pipeline with the pipe, especially the advantages of the group within the distance range of large diameter pipe more out wet plus the cost factor, the pipe has a dominant position in the field of pipeline pipe and limiting the development of stainless steel seamless line pipe.


Line Pipe Material: L245, L360, A53, J55, N80, X42, X46, X52, X56, X60, X65, X70.

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