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Tianjin Xinyue Industrial And Trade Co., Ltd

Address: Daqiuzhuang Industrial Area,Jinghai, Tianjin,China

E-mail: sales@xinyuesteel.com

Phone I: +86-022-88383163

Phone II: +86-022-58357359

Whatsapp: 8618602645767

Skype: xinyuesteel

WeChat: 8618602645767



Recruitment Information

The job description:

1. Responsible for international market development and customer relationship maintenance;

2. Responsible for the operation and follow-up of personal business;

3. Responsible for B2B publicity operation of Alibaba and related affairs at home and abroad;

4. Complete other temporary work assigned by the company.

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, professional knowledge of foreign trade, more than 1 year experience in foreign trade industry;
2. Outgoing, good at communication, strong sense of responsibility, strong sense of customer service;
3. Good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills;


The company provides all kinds of benefits such as five insurances and one housing fund, transportation subsidy, meal subsidy, telephone subsidy, double leave,

paid annual leave, and regular group travel.The company also provides in-service sales staff with alibaba, Google search, foreign exhibitions and other sales platforms;

Company transportation route:

Tianjin Xinyue Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. office is located in Tianjin Xiqing District Tianbai Center room 1702.
Adjacent to Haitai Information Square and Xinmao Science and technology Park, convenient transportation.
Nearby bus stations: Express 2, 872, 322, 862, 831
Nearby subway station: Huayuan Station (exit C), walk 500 meters.


Phone I: +86-1582275616

Phone II: +86-022-88383163

Whatsapp: 8618602645767

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