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Scaffolding Erection Specification


1. Scaffolding load should not exceed 270kg / m2. Experience before use income qualified listing. Use should always check and maintenance. Load over 270kg / m2. Or in the form of special scaffolding should be designed.

2. Steel column should be set metal base. On the basis of geological soft mat board should be set up or sweep shot.

3. Scaffolding pole should be vertical. Vertical deviation must not exceed the height of 1/200. Pole spacing of not more than two meters.

4. Scaffolding at both ends, and every corner pillars should be set 6-7 with a knife support strut. At the height of 7 m above can not be set up pickets. Vertical every 4 meters. Transverse seven meters must be connected to every building firm.

5. Outside of the scaffolding, ramps, platforms, set 1.05 m fence. Bamboo or wood when laying. Two lashing must firmly. Not binding on non-operational.

6. The channel and the escalator at heightening scaffolding bar should be reinforced. Not hinder passage.

7. Usually pick scaffolding crossbar pitches 1.2 meters. To set up and add bracing. Bracing and the vertical angle of not more than 30 °.

8. In order to prevent pressure bent tube rack slide fastener from the tube head. Each rod member intersects the projected ends are greater than 10 cm.

9. If scaffolding erection place when power lines or electrical equipment. It must meet the safety distance requirements. Erection and measures taken to stop transmission when removed.

10. Scaffolding acceptance. Responsible for all parts visual inspection. And implement and supervise the use of the system acceptance.

11. Scaffolding erection ago. Must stand pipes, fasteners, bamboo, wire to be checked. Pipe rack severely bent. Fasteners severe corrosion cracking. Rafts rotting must be scrapped. Shall not be used.

12. It prohibits the direct take on the scaffolding on the floor leaning against the wooden flute and calculated without loading up heavy moiety. Or scaffolding and the scaffolding planks fixed to the building is not very solid structure (such as railings, pipes, etc.).

13. Planks and scaffolding should be firmly connected to each other. Scaffold boards should be placed on the two ends of the crossbar. Firmly fixed. Scaffold boards are not allowed between the span of the joint.

14. Planks and boards for a paved ramp to the rack rails. On the outside of both sides of the chute, chute and scaffolding corner face. It should be set 1m high railing. And provided at its lower plus 18cm high guard.

15. Scaffolding should be fitted with a solid ladder. So that staff up and down and transporting material. With lifting gear when lifting heavy objects. It allowed the lifting gear and scaffolding structures are connected.

16. Scaffolding erection work of leaders to deal with the ride of the scaffolding for the qualification and issue a written proof behind the prospective use. Daily maintenance work responsible person should check the status of the use of scaffolding and scaffolding boards. If defects. To be renovated immediately.

17. Non-readily with barrels, boxes, bricks and other building materials to build temporary substitute for the formal scaffolding planks.

18. Prohibit Luanla wire scaffolding. Temporary lighting must be installed when the line. Bamboo scaffolding should be added to the insulator. Metal pipe scaffolding should separate wooden cross arm.

19. Installation of metal pipe scaffolding. Prohibit the use of bending, flattening or have the tube cracks. Successive portions of each tube to be intact. Against dumping or movement.

20. Metal pipe scaffolding pole. You must be perpendicular to the stability on the pad. Before placement pad to ground compaction, leveling. Pole should be put on pedestals. Column holder is made of a post base and welded tubes on the bottom plate.

21. Metal scaffolding pipe joints. Application of a special hinge overlapping each other. This applies to the hinge angle. Also applies to acute and obtuse (for bracing, etc.). The connection between the various components of the hinge bolts must be tightened.

22. Scaffold boards must be fixed to a metal pipe scaffolding beams.

23. When the mobile scaffold. All staff must be on the scaffolding down. The above work was prohibited mobile scaffolding.