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400 tons of Seamless Steel Pipes Help the UAE Pipeline Project

Tianjin Xinyue Steel Group integrates steel pipe production, inventory, domestic and international sales, covering the processing fields of steel pipe galvanization, anti-corrosion and thermal insulation. It is one of large steel pipe production and deep processing enterprises in China. Our company has several production bases, including ERW steel pipe production base, SSAW steel pipe production base, LSAW steel pipe production base, Seamless steel pipe production base, scaffolding and fastener production base. In the past development process, Xinyue has provided hundreds of thousands of tons of steel products for infrastructure projects all over the world.

The large-diameter seamless pipe order described this time is a customer from the United Arab Emirates. The customer has cooperated with us for three years, and the two sides have became good partners. The steel pipe purchased is used for fluid transmission pipeline project, which is same as previous cooperation orders. The products must fully meet the customer’s three standard requirements: API 5L / ASTM A106 / A53 GRB. The three standard has extremely strict requirements for the tolerance, the outer diameter and wall thickness of the pipe. Compared with the single standard pipe, the three standard pipe has more strict requirements for the production process control during rolling and thermal expansion. Only experienced manufacturers can control the thermal expansion technology and speed, avoid serious wall deviation phenomenon. With professional production capacity and rich production experience, Xinyue is already familiar with how to produce high-quality three-standard tubes. This is also the 15th time that customers purchased three-standard tubes from Xinyue. We have never received any complaints from end users. Our production quality is obvious and completely trustworthy.

In addition to the original three standard requirements, the customer also has a requirement for delivery date. The terminal project will be launched in March 2022. The customer pays much attention on the terminal project. In order to ensure the commencement on schedule, the delivery date of this order has also became an important consideration. Many times of cooperation made customers full of confidence in Xinyue. After Xinyue submitted the final plan, we officially placed an order at the end of October 2021. In order to ensure the order demand, Xinyue locked the product raw materials and predetermined positions at first time when the customer confirmed and signed the order. It took only nearly 20 days from raw material production to pipe expansion. At present, the processing stage of black paint spraying is completed, and all goods will be shipped as scheduled in early December.

For Xinyue, product technology and quality are the core connotation of brand value. Good technical ability can ensure good products, which is the most important factor in establishing a brand. In addition, technology is also the root of market competition. Now, many customers who have cooperated with us always think of Xinyue for the first time. It is not only a great honor for Xinyue, but it’s also the persistence of Xinyue brand for decades. We will continue to step forward towards the vision of “build the world, serve the globe”.