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High Quality Product Help Cooperation With Customers for 6 Years


Since its establishment, focus on international export business development

At present, we have two branches in Tianjin and Hunan

In the past development process

Xinyue provided hundreds of thousands of tons of steel products for ground pipeline laying and other infrastructure projects around the world

Project location: South Africa

Product: HDG & Pre-galvanized steel pipe

Standard and material: BS1387 S235

Specification: 33.7~114.3MM

Usage: Water delivery for agricultural irrigation

Timeline: Received inquiry on 5th October, 2021

Signed contract on 15th October, 2021

Delivery time: 20th November, 2021

Arrival time: 30th December, 2021

Since 2015, Xinyue has cooperated with this South African customer for more than 6 years. The customer is a local galvanized pipe stockist and maintains at least 1 order per quarter. In recent years, Customers also expand business gradually from the basic hot dip galvanized pipe to pre galvanized round pipe and square pipe products.

In this order, after orderly production, inspection department from Xinyue carried out strict inspections about size of pipes and thickness of galvanized layer. All the data passed the requirement of customers, it can be shipped smoothly within the agreed period of the contract. In order to avoid corrosion during the bulk shipping, affect the surface of galvanized pipe, we made full preparation work before shipment, to pursue the anointing oil on the surface of a galvanized pipe processing, and then will all the goods packaging tarpaulins, out of direct contact with the water and the galvanized layer, avoid tube was caused by the alkali galvanized layer falls off, stand in customers’ aspect to deal with problems.