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The 134th Canton Fair ended successfully

From October 23 to 27, 2023,

the second phase of the five-day

134th China Import and Export Fair

(Canton Fair) came to a perfect conclusion.

Excellent enterprises and buyers

from all over the world gather in Guangzhou

to witness the rapid development of China’s economy!

During the exhibition,

there was a large crowd of people,

including old friends who had been cooperating

for many years and new customers

who came to inquire and negotiate.

During the 5-day exhibition,

the elites of Xinyue Group’s foreign trade team

warmly received over 2000 batches of

new and old customers from 51 countries.

Many customers reached preliminary

cooperation intentions with us at the exhibition site,

and many new customers provided opportunities

for Xinyue Group to explore new markets and business areas.

Every Xinyue employee on site welcomed

all customers visiting the booth with the fullest spirit,

patiently and professionally explained various product details,

allowed customers to have a comprehensive understanding of Xinyue Steel.

We are also very grateful to all visiting

customers for their trust and support in Xinyue Group,

allowing us to have a two-way interaction!

At the same time,

we actively listen to the demand and feedback from

the international community for products made in China,

in order to launch products and services

that better meet market demand in the future,

create more high-quality steel products,

and lay a solid foundation for expanding

overseas markets and increasing market share.

The exhibition has come to a successful conclusion.

In the future, Xinyue Group will continue to

uphold its original intention and continuously

improve service quality based on customer needs.

Accumulate energy and empower “Made in China” to go global!