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Xinyue teenager won the first order in his foreign trade career

Project location:Israel


Standard and material:



Application:Protective pipe for horizontal drilling

Expected arrival time:2023.08.12

In May of this year,

we received our first inquiry from a customer.

After brief negotiation and communication,

we successfully reached a cooperation

agreement with this new Israeli customer.

During the cooperation process,

Xinyue responded quickly and

earnestly to the questions raised by the customer.

Although it was our first cooperation,

the overall process was very smooth.

Later on, all products passed third-party inspection

and were shipped to the customer’s destination port in early July.

This is the first order from MIA after she joined in Xinyue,

which is a significant breakthrough and improvement for herself.

It not only verify the solid level of previous learning,

but also gives her experience in combining theory with practice.

During the implementation process of the entire order,

MIA has accumulated many valuable

negotiation skills and operational experience,

which will become her growth capital for future foreign trade,

helping her to pursue her dreams in this industry

and become an excellent foreign trade elite.

The growth of every newcomer and the transaction

of every order cannot be separated from the support

and guidance of the Xinyue team. In this loving family,

we are all enjoying the process of achievement and being accomplished.

Go round and begin again,

the former newcomers will also become the backbone in the near future,

helping Xinyue achieve its beautiful vision of “building the world and serving the world”!